Bojie Li previously served as an Assistant Scientist and Associate Chief Expert at Huawei 2012 Labs/Central Software Institute/Distributed and Parallel Software Lab/Computer Network and Protocol Lab. In 2019, Bojie Li earned his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Science and Technology of China and Microsoft Research Asia under a joint doctoral program, supervised by Professor Lintao Zhang and Professor Enhong Chen. He has published several papers at top conferences such as SIGCOMM, SOSP, NSDI, ATC, and PLDI, and has received the ACM China Doctoral Dissertation Award and the Microsoft Research Asia Ph.D. Fellowship Award.

Curriculum Vitae (Resume).

Research Projects.

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Brief Intro to My Projects at Huawei

2020/04 - 2023/07: next-generation data center network and interconnect.

My role: one of the software architects. I designed multiple key innovations of the project.

See here for the video of a public talk by Dr. Kun Tan on APNet ‘21. [Backup link]

We are hiring exceptional people with passion for rethinking next generation data center architecture. We are one of the only teams that work closely with designers of virtually every chip in a server: from main CPU, to SmartNICs, storage and NPU (AI accelerator), which opens up a vast design space. We also have strong academic expertise and production experience in distributed systems and data center networking, which enable us to identify problems of state-of-the-art technologies, and design novel architectures to reshape the decades-old data center interconnects. Our team spreads over Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Hangzhou.

2019/06 - 2020/04: Architect and Committer of MindSpore AKG (Auto Kernel Generator), open source.

AKG automatically compiles mathematical formulas written by kernel developers or graph optimization engine to low-level assembly of an NPU (neural processing unit). To maximize performance, AKG uses polyhedral compilation to fully automate scheduling and memory management in a complicated memory hierarchy of an NPU.

My role: architect and technical leader of dynamic shape; one of the architects of polyhedral compilation framework; one of the committers.

My technical contributions:

  • Propose and implement novel solutions to non-affine access, parametric tiling, etc., which are classic open problems in polyhedral compilation;
  • Refine polyhedral schedule constraints to fit NPU architecture;
  • Design a combined manual and automatic schedule mechanism;
  • Design the architecture and key algorithms to support dynamic shape, e.g., algebraic simplification of multivariate polynomial.


List of Publications (Google Scholar).

First-author publications:

  • FastWake: Revisiting Host Network Stack for Interrupt-mode RDMA
    Bojie Li, Zihao Xiang, Xiaoliang Wang, Han Ruan, Jingbin Zhou, Kun Tan.
    Proceedings of the 7th Asia-Pacific Workshop on Networking (APNET 2023).
  • 1Pipe: Scalable Total Order Communication in Data Center Networks
    Bojie Li, Gefei Zuo, Wei Bai, Lintao Zhang.
    Proceedings of the 2021 ACM SIGCOMM Conference (SIGCOMM ‘21).
  • SocksDirect: Datacenter Sockets Can be Fast and Compatible
    Bojie Li, Tianyi Cui (co-first authors), Zibo Wang, Wei Bai, Lintao Zhang.
    Proceedings of the 2019 ACM SIGCOMM Conference (SIGCOMM ‘19).
  • KV-Direct: High-Performance In-Memory Key-Value Store with Programmable NIC
    Bojie Li, Zhenyuan Ruan (co-first authors), Wencong Xiao, Yuanwei Lu, Yongqiang Xiong, Andrew Putnam, Enhong Chen, Lintao Zhang.
    Proceedings of the 26th Symposium on Operating Systems Principles (SOSP ‘17).
  • ClickNP: Highly flexible and High-performance Network Processing with Reconfigurable Hardware
    Bojie Li, Kun Tan, Layong (Larry) Luo, Yanqing Peng, Renqian Luo, Ningyi Xu, Yongqiang Xiong, Peng Cheng.
    Proceedings of the 2016 ACM SIGCOMM Conference (SIGCOMM ‘16).

Co-authored publications (ORDER BY publication_date DESC):

  • StaR: Breaking the Scalability Limit for RDMA
    Xizheng Wang, Guo Chen, Xijin Yin, Huichen Dai, Bojie Li, Binzhang Fu, Kun Tan.
    2021 IEEE 29th International Conference on Network Protocols (ICNP ‘21).
  • AKG: Automatic Kernel Generation for Neural Processing Units Using Polyhedral Transformations
    Jie Zhao, Bojie Li, Wang Nie, Zhen Geng, Renwei Zhang, Xiong Gao, Bin Cheng, Chen Wu, Yun Cheng, Zheng Li, Peng Di, Kun Zhang, Xuefeng Jin.
    Proceedings of the 42nd ACM SIGPLAN Conference on Programming Languages Design and Implementation (PLDI ‘21).
  • Online Deadline-Aware Task Dispatching and Scheduling in Edge Computing
    Jiaying Meng, Haisheng Tan, Xiang-Yang Li, Zhenhua Han, Bojie Li.
    IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems (TPDS), 2020.
  • Joint Heterogeneous Server Placement and Application Configuration in Edge Computing
    Jiaying Meng, Chaoliang Zeng, Haisheng Tan, Zining Li, Bojie Li, Xiang-Yang Li.
    IEEE International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Systems (ICPADS ‘19).
  • MP-RDMA: Enabling RDMA With Multi-Path Transport in Datacenters
    Guo Chen, Yuanwei Lu, Bojie Li, Kun Tan, Yongqiang Xiong, Peng Cheng, Jiansong Zhang, Thomas Moscibroda.
    IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking (ToN), 2019.
  • Towards Stateless RNIC for Data Center Networks
    Pulin Pan, Guo Chen, Xizheng Wang, Huichen Dai, Bojie Li, Binzhang Fu, Kun Tan.
    Proceedings of the 3rd Asia-Pacific Workshop on Networking (APNet ‘19).
  • Dedas: Online Task Dispatching and Scheduling with Bandwidth Constraint in Edge Computing
    Jiaying Meng, Haisheng Tan, Chao Xu, Wanli Cao, Liuyan Liu, Bojie Li.
    IEEE INFOCOM 2019 - IEEE Conference on Computer Communications.
  • FUSO: Fast Multi-Path Loss Recovery for Data Center Networks
    Guo Chen, Yuanwei Lu, Yuan Meng, Bojie Li, Kun Tan, Dan Pei, Peng Cheng, Layong Luo, Yongqiang Xiong, Xiaoliang Wang, Youjian Zhao.
    IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking (ToN), 2018.
  • ST-Accel: A High-Level Programming Platform for Streaming Applications on FPGA
    Zhenyuan Ruan, Tong He, Bojie Li, Peipei Zhou, Jason Cong.
    IEEE International Symposium on Field-Programmable Custom Computing Machines (FCCM ‘18).
  • A High-Performance and Flexible Chemical Structure & Data Search Engine Built on CouchDB & ElasticSearch
    Ren-zhi Li, Bo-jie Li, Guo-zhen Zhang, Jun Jiang, Yi Luo.
    Chinese Journal of Chemical Physics, Volume 31, Number 2.
  • Multi-Path Transport for RDMA in Datacenters
    Yuanwei Lu, Guo Chen, Bojie Li, Kun Tan, Yongqiang Xiong, Peng Cheng, Jiansong Zhang, Enhong Chen, Thomas Moscibroda.
    Proceedings of the 15th USENIX Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation (NSDI ‘18).
  • The Feniks FPGA Operating System for Cloud Computing
    Jiansong Zhang, Yongqiang Xiong, Ningyi Xu, Ran Shu, Bojie Li, Peng Cheng, Guo Chen, Thomas Moscibroda.
    Proceedings of the 8th Asia-Pacific Workshop on Systems (APSys ‘17).
  • Memory Efficient Loss Recovery for Hardware-based Transport in Datacenter
    Yuanwei Lu, Guo Chen, Zhenyuan Ruan, Wencong Xiao, Bojie Li, Jiansong Zhang, Yongqiang Xiong, Peng Cheng, Enhong Chen.
    Proceedings of the First Asia-Pacific Workshop on Networking (APNet ‘17).
  • Fast and Cautious: Leveraging Multi-path Diversity for Transport Loss Recovery in Data Centers
    Guo Chen, Yuanwei Lu, Yuan Meng, Bojie Li, Kun Tan, Dan Pei, Peng Cheng, Layong (Larry) Luo, Yongqiang Xiong, Xiaoliang Wang, Youjian Zhao.
    Proceedings of the 2016 USENIX Annual Technical Conference (ATC ‘16).


  • Establishment of queue between threads in user space
    Bojie Li, Tianyi Cui, Zibo Wang, Wei Bai, Lintao Zhang.
    US Patent App. 17/289,368, 2021.

Invited Talks

Date Invited Talk
2024.01 Zhihu’s First AI Pioneers Salon
2023.12 USTC Alumni Association Beijing AI Salon
2023.04 Hunan University, Changsha, China.
2022.12 Peking University, Online Guest Lecture. [Slides: The New Golden Age of Computer Networks]
2021.07 ACM Turing Award Celebration Conference - China (ACM TURC 2021), Hefei. [Slides: ACM China Doctoral Dissertation Award Lecture]
2021.07 The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Online. [Slides: Towards SmartNICs in Data Center Systems]
2021.06 The Fifth Asia-Pacific Workshop on Networking (APNet ‘21), Online. [Slides] [Video] [Video backup link]
2020.05 Shanghai Tech. University, Online Guest Lecture. Slides
2019.11 The 2nd Internet Architecture Conference (CICC’19), Chengdu. Slides
2018.09 Google, Inc., Beijing
2018.09 Cambricon Technologies, Beijing
2017.12 Open Source Operating System Annual Technical Conference 2017 (OS2ATC ‘17), Beijing
2017.11 Baidu Corporation, Beijing
2017.11 University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei
2017.11 Fudan University, Shanghai
2017.08 The First Asia-Pacific Workshop on Networking (APNet ‘17), Hong Kong
2017.07 China SDN Research Training Camp, Nanjing
2016.10 Microsoft Research Asia Ph.D. Forum, Beijing
2016.09 Tsinghua University Ph.D. Forum, Beijing
2016.08 University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei


Date Education
2014 - 2019 Joint Ph.D. program with Microsoft Research Asia and University of Science and Technology of China, Ph.D. in Computer Science
2010 - 2014 Undergraduate, School of Gifted Young (major in Computer Science), University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, Anhui
2007 - 2010 No.2 High School, Shijiazhuang, Hebei
2004 - 2007 No.2 Middle School, Shijiazhuang, Hebei
1999 - 2004 Zhongshan Primary School, Shijiazhuang, Hebei


Date Internship
2016.09 - 2019.05 Research Intern, Intelligent Cloud and Edge group (Systems Research group), MSRA
2015.07 - 2016.09 Research Intern, Wireless and Networking group, MSRA
2014.07 - 2014.09 Research Intern, Wireless and Networking group, MSRA
2013.07 - 2014.05 Research Intern, Wireless and Networking group, MSRA


Recent Awards

Date Award
2024.03 Zhihu 2023 Top 100 New Knowledge Contributor

Awards in Huawei

Date Award
2023.04 MetaERP “Heroic Crossing of Dadu River” Commemorative Medal
2023.04 Strategic Reserve Force Battlefield Hero
2023.03 Beijing Research Institute Talent Value Award
2023.02 “Tough Problem Challenge” Spark Award
2022.12 Deputy Chief Expert
2022.12 2012 Lab President’s Team Award
2022.11 Central Software Institute 2022 Innovation Competition Silver Award
2022.08 EMT “20 Minutes” report to the boss and EMT (Executive Management Team), two employees per month, I was the 42nd session
2022.08 Company Software Chief Expert Group Expansion Member
2022.06 “Huawei People” Magazine (internal publication)
2022.05 North Research “Spring Breeze Ten Miles Better Than You” Running Event Total Running Volume Group 1st Place, Individual Men’s Group 5th Place
2022.04 Huawei Running Club “Olympic 8 Marathon” First Participation in Half Marathon (unofficial race), 1:54:57
2022.03 2012 Lab 2021 Batch Outstanding Interviewer
2022.03 Computing Product Line President’s Commendation Order
2022.01 North Research “Winter Training Winner Takes All” Running Event Total Running Volume Group 2nd Place, Individual Men’s Group 6th Place
2022.01 Assistant Chief Expert
2022.01 Star of Tomorrow
2021.12 Assistant Scientist
2021.12 Gold Individual Award (1/100)
2021.12 Gold Team Award (1/40)
2021.11 Central Software Institute 2021 Innovation Competition Gold Award
2021.10 Central Software Institute 2021 Hackathon Champion
2021.10 Beijing Research Institute ICT Daoxiang Lake Debate Competition Excellence Award
2020.12 Beijing Research Institute Director’s Award
2020.10 2012 Lab Outstanding New Employee
2019.08 “Crappy Plane” Award
2019.08 “Genius Youth”

Awards During Ph.D. Study

Date Award
2019.12 ACM China Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award (ACM China Doctoral Dissertation Award, issued in July 2021, Award Ceremony Video, Thesis PDF)
2019.12 ACM ChinaSys Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award
2019.06 CAS Presidential Scholarship
2019.04 Honored Graduate in Anhui Province
2019.04 Honored Graduate in USTC
2017.12 Global 1st place in IT Pros Category, Microsoft Hackathon 2017
2017.10 Microsoft Research Asia Fellowship Award
2017.10 China National Ph.D. Scholarship
2017.08 Most Impact Award in Beijing Venue, Microsoft Hackathon 2017
2016.10 Best Presentation Award, MSRA Student Techfest 2016
2016.08 Global 2nd place in Cloud and Enterprise Category, Microsoft Hackathon 2016

Awards Before Ph.D. Study

Date Award
2013.08 “Microsoft Young Scholar” Award
2013.05 Outstanding Student Leader
2013.02 Participated in the Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM), Successful Participant
2012.01 “Website Development Seminar” Outstanding Lecturer
2011.10 Best Creative Award in the Service Robot Category at the University Robogame Contest
2009.10 First Prize in the National High School Mathematics Competition (Top 10 in Hebei Province)
2009.07 Bronze Medal in the National Olympiad in Informatics NOI 2009 (69th Nationally)
2008.11 First Prize in the National Olympiad in Informatics NOIP 2008 (2nd in Hebei Province)

Professional Activities

Date Role
2021.12 - now Member of ACM ChinaSys Youth Committee
2015.02 - now Member of the development team for USTC Course Review Community
2021.06 - 2021.06 External Reviewer, APNet’21 Posters.
2020.06 - 2020.06 Reviewer, ACM Transactions on Computer Systems (TOCS)
2015.09 - 2016.01 Teaching Assistant for Advanced Software Engineering Course at Microsoft Research Asia
2013.01 - 2013.07 Member of the USTC Gewu IoT Startup Team
2012.05 - 2013.05 President of the University Student Linux User Group
2011.05 - 2012.05 Co-founder and first Director of the Technical Department of the Youth Class Academy Student Union
2011.05 - 2012.01 First Director of the Technical Department of the University Youth League Committee Network Office
2010.09 - 2011.05 Co-founder and Vice President of the University Student Society for the Pursuit of Knowledge