A month ago, the interview video by Zhihu “New Figures” was finally released. It was my first time participating in such an interview that included aspects of personal life, and it definitely wasn’t a company PR, as the name and products of our company were never mentioned throughout the entire session, and few people even know the real name of our company.

It seems that Zhihu still maintains journalistic integrity, as they did not let me view the video before publishing it; all editing, titles, and voice-overs were done by the Zhihu editors.

(04:16, 215 MB)

Video shooting locations:

  • Beijing office
  • Home (interview, cooking with my wife, and some photos)
  • Shucun Suburban Park (a place where I often run, the flying electric butterfly was made by me in 2017, it got caught in a tree during the shooting, and our very capable photographer climbed up the tree to retrieve it)